About Me

My family and helping others are two of my greatest passions in life. I am the mother of 5 totally awesome children and the grandmother of 13. I have a nursing degree and I am currently working on degrees in Health, Healing and Nutrition, as well as several certifications. I believe a diet rich in plant-based foods is our best defense against the ills that face so many unnecessarily. I create new nutrition packed & super delicious recipes weekly and want to show how easy and exciting these foods can be, as well as being packed with all the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy. I believe incorporating more raw meals in your diet will help preserve your health. I teach food preparation & nutrition classes regularly, do private consulting and help to provide continuing education for teachers and medical professionals. My belief is that we should let food be our medicine and I strive to help others empower themselves to make the most of their physical & mental health. 

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Contact me at: thehealthseekerskitchen@gmail.com
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