Habenero Ranch~Kale in a Krunch

So.....Yummy and nutritious!! While shopping today at Good Earth, I found packages of 'Kale in a Krunch' by Alive & Radiant Foods out of Berkeley, CA. Some of you may have already found this and tried it. (Raw~Vegan~Dehydrated) They use Kale, Cashew, Lemon Juice, Nutritional Yeast, Miso, Apple Cider Vinegar, Habernero, Garlic, Spices & Himalayan Crystal Salt. This product has such a delicious flavor and delightful crunch. The package is usually more full than this, but I ate quite a few pieces and then took the picture.  All you need is a few and a glass of water to make you feel completely satisfied. I just kept eating them, because I couldn't believe how good they tasted. Has anyone else tried this delicious snack? Pin It


  1. THey sell something just like this (ranch flavored) at a store near me, and they are soooooo good! I am obsessed. But I would def. need to eat more than a few to feel satisfied. I could probably eat the whole thing no problem!! haha

  2. Wow!! looks really healthy! I wanna buy but Organic kale powder (for drink). but really expensive in Japan...(T___T) I'm jealous you Debbie hehehe :)
    Thanks for sharing Love ya! xoxo

  3. I'll keep an eye out for it. I've never even made roasted Kale.


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