Light Watermelon Muffins

I purchased a delicious watermelon today and had an idea to use it in muffins.  My taste testers said it was a definite go!! Eat these with a big bowl of watermelon on the side and you've got a tasty breakfast or lunch! These are not a sweet muffin, so you can put your favorite spread on them. YUMMY!!
They turned out amazingly good. Warm from the oven, these muffins will satisfy many a craving for "homemade". When my son was in Japan a month ago, he brought back the cutest muffin paper baking cups.   His girlfriend picked them out for me. You just put the muffin cups on a pan and they bake beautifully. They really make my muffins look impressive:) I hope you will give this recipe a try.  It's simple & light with few ingredients, healthy & yummy.

Light Watermelon Muffins
 (Printable Recipe)

2 cups white whole wheat flour
3 teaspoons Aluminum Free Baking Powder
1/4 teaspoon sea salt
2 cups cubed watermelon (After cubing, place in blender and puree)
3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
2 tablespoons ground flax seed mixed with 2 tablespoons water (stir until mixed well)

Heat oven to 400 degrees F.  In medium bowl, combine flour, baking powder and salt; mix well.  In another bowl, combine watermelon puree, oil and flax seed.
Add liquid ingredients to dry and stir gently.  Fill either muffin tins or muffin papers 3/4 full.  Bake at 400 degrees F for 18-23 minutes or until light golden brown.  Enjoy!!
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  1. Hi Debbie!!!
    WOW!! You are awesome! Looks soooooo good then good idea Yummy ^_^ I wanna try to make it!!
    I'm really glad you use Muffin cups.;)
    If you need some more..just let me know, I will send you. I'm thinking about some Vegan Japanese food,I will make it soon.
    Love you xoxo

  2. Very creative! So the melon must provide all the liquid? Also, now I need to buy new baking soda!

  3. Lay, thank you! The muffin cups you bought me look sooo....beautiful. I love them. I will be waiting on some Vegan Japanese Recipes straight from your kitchen to share with everyone-I know you will create some amazing ones! Love you cutie:)

  4. Thanks Shen! You will love these:)

  5. WOW! That is sooooo creative. I would NEVER have thought of that! What an amazing idea!!!

  6. SHen- yes, I am aware! She is one very cool chick for sure! Thanks!!

  7. MMMMMM.....interesting! I'll have to try that before all of the watermelons are gone.

  8. Right there with you on the lighting plan - despite having done quite a few electrical plans in my day, I managed to put the switch for the Bathroom Lighting over our Home on the far side of the dishwasher, meaning I have to walk over to the switch every time I'm doing dishes and need more light. Oh well...


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