Free Vegetarian Starter Kit Booklet

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

PCRM Free Vegetarian Starter Kit
At the  PCRM (Physicians for Responsible Health)  website they offer a Vegetarian Starter Kit Booklet.  This is an awesome 16 page Vegetarian/Vegan Booklet that you can download for free or order a copy. The contents include Vegetarian Foods, The Protein Myth, Calcium in Plant-Based Diets, What about Milk? Achieving and Maintaining Healthy Weight, Vegetarian Diets in Pregnancy and for Children, the New Four Food Groups and Guidelines, The 3-Step Way to Go Vegetarian, Tips for Making the Switch, Cooking without Eggs, Dairy-Free Dining, The Veganizer, Meal Planning for Children and Recipes for Health!  This would be a great book to give away as well. You can also sign-up for a weekly recipe that will be sent to your email. It states in this booklet that Vegan diets are the healthiest of all eating because it reduces risk of a broad range of health concerns.
Below is also a link to a 12 minute video "Opening the Doors to Compassion" produced by PRCM as well.  This video talks about how an aggressive plant-based diet is the ideal intervention to reverse serious health conditions.  The video states that children are in the worse shape of any generation we have ever had. One of the most important things PCRM is doing right now is campaigning for better foods in our public schools.  Colon cancer risk starts early.  Even small amounts of processed meats can lead to adult cancers.  PCRM educates members of Congress by sending qualified & informed doctors. PCRM is a nonprofit organization of doctors and others promoting preventive medicine, recommends a quality plant-based diet for the treatment and prevention of many health conditions.
Some of the world's populations are known to have extraordinary long, healthy and happy lives. Disease is virtually unknown, even in the oldest persons. Studies have shown that their exceptional health is largely attributed to low-calorie, plant-based, whole foods diets. Genetics are ruled out as a significant factor – when they are exposed to Western-style diets they quickly develop the same diseases common to Westerners.
PCRM is working to educate people away from their old way of thinking and the bad science. Watch the video below and check out their entire website. Pin It


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