Thursday, December 1, 2011

Spicy Carrot-Celery Juice

If you have never juiced before, here is a recipe that does a great job of improving your health and the veggies are really easy to juice.  I have an Omega Juicer and I really like several things about it.  First, it is super easy to clean up. Second, with this juicer you can make enough juice to last you for 3 days without compromising the nutrients. It lasts longer because it doesn't rip your vegetables at high speed causing fast deterioration of the juice.  The slow rpm's of this juicer, at just 80 rpm's, allow the juice to hold its nutritional value longer. Slower machines produce less friction and less heat, preserving enzymes that can be destroyed by heat. Low RPM machines “masticate” or virtually chew the food to squeeze out the juice. High RPM centrifugal juicers spin juice through the air causing exposure of juice to lots of air and thus oxidizing the juice. Low RPM juicers don’t expose the juice to lots of air, reducing oxidation and preserving more of the nutrition in the juice Some juicers spin and shred at 14,000 rpm's-YIKES!! I also like my juicer because I can make soft serve ice cream out of my frozen fruits.  You can also make nut butter and homemade pasta. 

Juicing the greens with orange carrots makes an interesting color of juice. Matter of fact, if you google what color orange and green make it says a "Poopy" color-LOL. Well, you can decide for yourself what color it turned out to be.  If you double up on the carrots it will take on the orange color.

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  1. oh goshhh I want your juicer!!!!! and this spicy juice!! I have tons of beets and carrots that need juicing, better get on it! :P

  2. Hehe, yeah I made a parsley-carrot juice a while back whose coloring left a little to be desired. This sounds delicious. I love ginger in any and all juices!

  3. I absolitely love these kinds of juices! This one looks awesome! And i live our omega juicers!!!

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