Raw Watermelon Italian Ice

This recipe was a yummy find at Foods for Long Life.  Joanne's recipe for Raw Vegan Watermelon Italian Ice is fat free, sugar free & gluten free. It makes 8 servings at 34.6 calories each.  I have made this recipe twice now and it is absolutely DELICIOUS, not to mention super easy.  I made it for my hubby last night and we ate the entire batch. This is a dessert you can feel good about eating and feeding your family. Most adults and children love watermelon and this is a way to switch it up and serve it in an extra delicious way.  All you do to make this yummy recipe is to cube 6 cups of watermelon and put in your blender.  Add 2 packets of stevia and 1 tsp. grated lemon rind.  Blend until smooth. Pour into ice cream maker until frozen (about 15 minutes) and then serve in fun scoops. I use the Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker - which I love and use all the time. You freeze the base of the ice cream maker in the freezer and pull it out when you are ready to use it. You don't need any additional ice or salt to keep it cold! 
Okay, this Watermelon Italian Ice is super delicious!!
Click on the Food For Long Life link above to see all the health benefits of watermelon.
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  1. mmmm that sounds so good and refreshing! I LOVE watermelon... and so does Gracie. I always love sampling everything you make!

  2. THis looks so refreshing! Like a perfect summer treat. So I better hurry and make it before summer is gone!

  3. I would have to use real (raw) sugar. Can't get past that stevia taste. Gorgeous picture.

  4. the pictures on your blog are amazing. i educate people about nutrition and think your blog would be a good tool for a lot of people to have. i'll have to remember the raw watermelon Italian ice for next summer!


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