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Way of life Adjustments

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The Covid-19 virus underlines the impermanent nature of life and our vulnerabilities. It confined us to our houses.

The confinement as a part of lockdown measures to stop the unfold of an infection, offered us the chance to introspect and make an effort to comply with a unique life-style.

With the pandemic trying to be a long-time characteristic, it’s time to realise that the underlying purpose of life is happiness. This aim may be attained solely by means of divine blessings.

Scriptures and sages describe the trail to realize divine blessings and obtain happiness. It’s devotion that brings us divine grace and blessings.

Devotion shouldn’t be mere ritualistic practices. It entails wholehearted religion within the Supreme. Dacoit Ratnakar was suggested by Narada to surrender theft, change his life-style and recite the identify of Rama.

Initially, it was troublesome for Ratnakar to pronounce the identify ‘Rama’. However Ratnakar tried tirelessly and after a few years of chanting Rama Nama with devotion, Ratnakar was blessed and received reworked as Sage Valmiki.

With different ideas discarded, impurities of coronary heart and thoughts are eliminated, and the main target is barely on God. It’s lust for mundane pleasure and desires, greed, jealousy and hate that trigger distraction and mislead folks.

The interior voice, conscience, alerts us when any fallacious is being dedicated. When materials objectives turn out to be paramount, the interior voice is throttled.

The Bhagwad Gita says, ‘Subdue the senses, thoughts and mind; management needs and lust and hearken to the alert bell of the conscience.’ Listening to the interior voice and wholeheartedly chanting the identify of God is the way in which ahead. It’s devotion and belief within the Supreme that can purify and shield us now and in future.

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the writer’s personal.